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Veterinarians and Trainers

Part of your Team

I worked in general practice for 12 years prior to starting LVBS. I know how challenging it can be to try to address an owner's behavior concerns within the constraints of an appointment.  

I take your trust seriously.  If you feel your client would benefit from a behavior consultation have your client contact me directly.  Read more about the process.  I will keep you involved in the process.  You will receive a copy of the behavior consultation report and I am available to answer any questions you may have.

Let me help you and be your resource.  I want to support you in providing the best care to your clients and patients.  I am happy to offer advice on pre-appointment medication options and creative non-aversive handling techniques for pets who are fearful or aggressive at the vet. 

If an owner isn't quite ready for a behavior consultation I can offer advice to you, their veterinarian about management options.

Is your staff interested in learning and practicing new techniques that will improve the veterinary experience for your anxious and fearful patients?  Contact me to set up a lunch and learn. 

This is my commitment to you.  

Direct Referrals
Phone Consultations
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Vet to Vet

If you are veterinarian for a client who isn't able to do a referral or you would like to discuss a case you are managing in more detail then set up a vet to vet consult.   This is typically a 30 minute phone or video call between Dr. Lewis and veterinarian.  In this call we discuss the case, review management strategies, go over simple behavior modification options, and discuss different medication options.  While this call can typically be schedule within 1 week of the request, it will not include any written information following our conversation. 

Lewis Veterinary Behavior will submit an invoice to your clinic following our conversation.  

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