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How It Works


History Forms

Please complete the history form for the pet being seen.

Dogs: Link here

Cats: Link here

Videos: If your pet is suspected of having separation anxiety, it is very helpful to have a couple brief videos of your pet when you are not home. The Alfred app (free) can be used with old phones, tablets, or laptops. Other options are Nest or Trail Cams.

  • Where to send them: Pictures and short videos can be emailed to,  texted to 608-616-5035, or shared via DropBox, Google Drive, or Youtube

Scheduling Appointment

After filling out the history form, I will send you a link to schedule an appointment time. Appointments times are typically available between 8:30am and 2pm. 

Location: At your home if you live within 30 minutes of zip code 53717.  

Medical Records

Before your appointment I will contact your veterinarian for a copy of your pet's medical records.  If this is NOT ok, please let me know in advance. 


What to Expect

A comprehensive behavior consultation lasts 1.5 to 2  hours


First 45 minutes: We will start by discussing your pet’s behavioral history and asking follow-up questions so that I have a clear picture of your pet’s current behavioral problems and your goals for treatment.  While we talk I am observing how your pet interacts with me, the other family members, and their environment.

Remaining 45 minutes - 75 minutes We will then review the diagnosis, prognosis, and discuss the individual treatment plan for your pet.  


Treatment Plan will include safety recommendations, environmental management strategies,  behavior modification/training plans, and if appropriate, medication. I will demonstrate some of the behavior modification exercises. Please note that the behavior consultation is not a training session. While I may give brief demonstrations of training and behavior modification techniques, most of our time will be spent in discussion of the behavioral issue(s) and treatment plan.

Who Should Attend

I encourage all family members (over the age of 5) that regularly interact with the pet to attend.  However, once I have reviewed your completed behavioral history form, I will be able to advise you if you are unsure who should be present. 

Food and Treats

Do not feed your dog a full meal for at least 5 hours prior to the consultation unless your pet takes medication that must be given with a meal. I use food rewards during the consultation so it is important that your dog is slightly hungry and thus motivated. Please do this even if your dog isn’t food motivated.


Prepare 1 cup of your dog's favorite treats.  I will also bring along some of my own. Please let me know if your pet has allergies.

Prior to My arrival

If your dog is not fond of visitors:  10-15 minutes prior to the appointment put your dog in a crate, backyard, back room, or behind a gate.  It is okay to give a stuffed kong or busy buddy toy as a distraction. Once I arrive I will discuss a safe handling plan and then I will ask you to bring your dog. Please let me know if you have any concerns.



Comprehensive Behavior Consultation: ($350) Includes a 2 hour behavioral evaluation, behavior and medical history review, individualized consultation report, and 3 months of follow-up through email or phone.


Double Pet Appointment: ($500) for households where two housemates are experiencing independent issues. Each pet will receive their own behavior evaluation, diagnosis, and management plan.  These appointments can be split into 2 sessions

Foster Dog's Needing an Evaluation: There is a modest discount for dogs currently in foster care.  But this needs to be discussed prior to the consultation.


Travel Fee: There will be a $45 travel fee for any home visit that is 30-45 minutes from the 53717 zip code.  I will let you know before the consultation if this fee will apply.

Misc Info

Clients traveling to Madison: These sessions are typically held in a quiet park in Madison during late spring, summer, and fall.  Due to the limited availability of day rental space that allows animals, these sessions are very limited during the colder months. 

Evening and Weekend Appointments: An additional $100 will be charged for appointments scheduled on weekends or after 4pm on weekdays. Very Limited availability.

Virtual Visits: Unfortunately I am unable to do virtual visits for initial consultations. Wisconsin State Veterinary Licensure requires that all new patients be seen in person the first time to establish a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship

Cancellations and Rescheduling: You may use the scheduler to cancel or reschedule appointments up to 72 hours in advance.  If appointments are canceled or rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice I ask for a $150 deposit prior to rescheduling.  This non-refundable deposit will be applied to  the consultation but is otherwise forfeited entirely if the consultation has to be cancelled or rescheduled again. 

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