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Educate Yourself on Ways to Prevent Dog Bites - Dog Bite Prevention Week 2019

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

In recognition of dog bite prevention week I wanted to do my part in passing on important information that could help to prevent potentially serious injuries. Do you know that the most common phase I hear from owners who have been bitten or witness a bite is, "The bite came out of no where". While I feel for these owners who are scared, hurting, and shocked more often then not the bite was the result of a long line of warning signs. Often these warning signs are very subtle - a change in body posture, a change in how the ears, eyes, and tail are held, attempts to remove themselves from a situation.

To a dog, these signs are crystal clear -"Please go away!", "This is making me really uncomfortable", " This hurts", " I am really scared, please stop!". But in the hectic day-to-day life it is easy not to pick up on these signs. For some dogs you may see these signs progress before they attempt to bite. This may include growling, lifting their lips to show their teeth, barking, lunging. A bite is often their last go to move.

My job, revolves around helping owners to better understand why their dog got to the point that they felt there were no other options left except to bite. Often we trace it back to a deep rooted anxiety, fear, or even a medical cause. If a dog bite does occur, it is important to check in with your veterinarian.

I am hoping 2019 bring about a drop in dog bites!

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